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Text Ads 365 will get you the visitors you want! This is a low cost way to advertise your Text Ad in rotation and are potentially seen 24/7.  You may see results within a few days in most cases though this is not guaranteed. 

  • We advertise on adboards including our own and other advertising sites so your Ad is potentially seen 24/7
  • Add your text ad to be shown randomly with each page refresh
  • Approval of ads takes less then 12 hrs in most cases  (Subject to Admin's right to remove offending or disallowed ads)
  • Add your text ad for just $1.35 for a whole 28 days of traffic or at the special price of $10 for a whole year!
  • Your ad stays on the page until another visitor comes along
  • Designed for those on a limited budget - we do all the advertising for you
  • No need to pay for expensive advertising campaigns
  • Ads are rotated on a number of our websites where people are constantly looking for new ventures!
  • Advertisers adding their own Text Ad will also see your ad when placing their own

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